The Mueller Investigation

This video proposes that the Mueller Investigation may be a Sting against the Deep State and people in the Obama Administration. The Obama Administration thought they were setting up Trump to be charged with Russia collusion. 

They planned a coup and conspiracy to overthrow a duly elected President. The Main Stream Media is howling Trump/Russia, but Trump is using it to his advantage to keep the Deep State Actors complacent while the noose tightens around them.

Enjoy the video!

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Praying Medic is one of my favorite Q decoders. He does a thorough job researching Q posts and breaking it down, so it is easy to understand. All of his posts are well done.

It may be a biblical irony, like Haman who was hung on the gallows he created for Mordecai. The Deep State may find themselves prosecuted for the crimes for which they tried to set up Trump.

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