92% of CNN programming is dedicated to Trump

Newsbusters.org did a study to analyze CNNs coverage of Donald Trump.  They found out of a 24-hour period, 13 hrs and 27 minutes covered the news.  Out of that 13 hours and 27 minutes, 12 hours and 19 minutes was coverage of Trump.  Only 68 minutes in the day covered other news!  Ninety-six of the CNN guests were critics of President Trump.  Only seven guests offered pro-Trump Counterpoints.

Enjoy the video!

Before the election, there was always an overt left-wing bias to the media.  A person could feel it, but newscasters presented a facade of impartiality.  Now the media doesn't even try to pretend to be fair anymore.  The main stream media has been fake news for a long time.  Trump just had the courage to stand against the media and point it out.  

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