Sold for Sex: Trafficking in Nebraska

This is a documentary of sex trafficking in Nebraska.  NE law enforcement documents 800 cases per month.  They estimate that only 30 percent of the women offer sex voluntarily.  The other 70 percent are forced or coerced into the sex trade by threats of violence against themselves or people they love. 

School children are very vulnerable.  Sex traffickers often use young victims to lure in friends.  A new girl comes to school and befriends your daughter.  Your daughter develops a trusting relationship with her new friend.  She is invited over for the night and she is assaulted.  She is threatened to keep quiet and instructed to come back.  Shame and fear make her follow their orders. 

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This is an epidemic that has been purposely ignored by the Main Stream Media. It is a lack of public awareness that allows this to happen.  Donald Trump has made this one of his top priorities as evidenced when he signed his Executive Order Blocking the Property of Persons Involved in Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

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