MS-13 and Trump: Why did he direct us here?
Part 1 of 2

Tracy spends the first 7 minutes of her video showing main stream media print articles and how they downplay and minimize MS-13 gang violence.  The MSM calls Trump a racist for targeting MS-13 gangs.  At the 7 minute 45 second (7'45") mark she discusses how MS-13 generates thirty-million dollars in yearly revenue.  As evidence that this is real, Tracy presents news articles reporting 9 child pedophilia rings that have been busted in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia since 2009.  MS-13 is recruiting school girls via Facebook.

At the 15 minute mark Tracy ties the MS-13 Gang to Satanism.  The gang worships Sante Muerte (Saint of Death). They torture and sacrifice their victims in rituals.  Tracy goes through the articles quickly, but gives you the reference articles for further review.

Enjoy the video!

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The MS-13 gangs may be tied to the Deep State. Other investigators have linked them to the gun smuggling operation of the Fast and Furious scandal.  They may work as assassins (wet works) to take out political enemies.  When you hear about MS-13 on the news, listen closely.  Connect the dots that the MSM will not connect.  There is a reason Trump keeps bringing up MS-13 in speeches and on Twitter.

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