MS-13 and Trump: Why did he direct us here?
Part 2 of 2

In Part 2 Tracy discusses how trafficking works.  She notes that DHS placed 13 immigrant children in the custody of human traffickers.  At the 5'50" mark she links articles that tie the Clinton's to the CIA, drugs, and human trafficking to the tune of billions of dollars.  

At the 11'39" mark Tracy references a Huff Post article that discusses how big banks are laundering drug money.  Huff Post states that HSBC bank has admitted their laundering role, but evaded criminal prosecution by paying a 2 billion-dollar fine.  Bankers that make it possible for human traffickers to deposit and transfer money are never jailed.  Banks are making big profits from this.  A 2 billion dollar fine was probably a small portion of the profits made.  It's ironic that an individual selling a few grams of drugs may face decades of imprisonment.

At the 14'30" mark, Tracy discusses Ted Gundersen a FBI whistleblower.  He links the CIA to the Iran Contra Scandal.  He states that drugs were smuggled back to the US in the bodies of dead soldiers. More to come about this.

Enjoy the video!

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The MS-13 gangs may be tied to the Deep State. Other investigators have linked them to the gun smuggling operation of the Fast and Furious scandal.  They may work as assassins (wet works) to take out political enemies.  When you hear about MS-13 on the news, listen closely.  Connect the dots that the MSM will not connect.  There is a reason Trump keeps bringing up MS-13 in speeches and on Twitter.

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