Investigation into the Murder of Seth Rich

Tracy Beanz reviews the work of Jimmysllama's article investigating the murder of Seth Rich.  Once you get past the 3 minute introduction, the facts come fast.  There is no fluff in this video.  The video highlights the following:  Family's bizarre behavior.  Police did not investigate.  The police captain was later offered a job with the NFL for four times her normal salary.   Video of Assange saying he was murdered.  

The video also provides a theory of how the DNC set up the Russia narrative after Rich's death as a cover story. The DNC was not hacked. Law enforcement never looked at their server.  Information was downloaded by an insider; perhaps the DNC Voter Expansion Data Director? 

Enjoy the video!

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Another interesting topic came up during this video.  Seth Rich's girlfriend theorizes that he was killed because of his knowledge of voter fraud against Bernie Sanders.  She describes in detail how Hillary Clinton stole the primary votes from Bernie Sanders.

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