Q Anon: "On Guard"

JustInformed Talk reviews current Q Posts.  Q reassures the American people who are hungry for justice that justice is coming.  Q lists all the people in the FBI and DOJ that have been fired, and all members of Congress who have resigned.  Patriots must be patient.  It takes time to clean house.  Sessions and Wray must clean house before bringing criminals to trial, and honest judges must be appointed.

Q suggests that indictments and information drops will be timed to benefit the mid-term elections.  He predicts a Red Wave.  Q again posts the date 11-11-18 as a Marker.  It is Veterans Day and will be after the mid-terms.  This is the day that Trump plans to have a big military parade and will have dealt with Iran.   

Enjoy the video!

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The last segment of the video discusses how the EU is in a pickle.  Total SA, a huge French oil company, has signed a major contract with Iran for oil.  EU companies are benefitting tremendously from the newly opened Iranian markets.  If the EU does not follow the US and sanction Iran, the US will no longer do business with the EU which is a bigger market that Iran.  But if the EU follows the US and resumes sanctions on Iran, Iran will expose the corruption of the deal.  Q states that 5 planes of money were shipped from the US to various places when the Iran deal was signed. (Actually, there was no signed deal.)  Many people were paid off to make this happen.  It was never about national security.  It was always about money for the global elite.

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