Twitter Admits to Shadow Banning

IPOT does a thorough job reviewing Q posts.  His May 17, 2018 commentary includes a review of Twitter's Shadow Banning.  He relates Facebook to the Space X program and Falcon 9.  He reveals that Crossfire Hurricane was the code name for Brennan and Comey's operation in London.  It appears that SIS which stands for Senior Intelligence Service was colluding with the Obama Administration.  The SIS the UK's spy agency. 

Enjoy the video!

ollow: In Pursuit of Truth on GAB or Bit Chute:

However, the biggest bomb is the Weiner indictment.  An anon found that the 9/26/16 sealed indictment against Anthony Weiner was unsealed on May 16, 2018.   Also, the DOJ agreed to release the Fast & Furious documents that Eric Holder refused to release.  Get your popcorn!  It's about to get interesting!

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