Roseanne Barr on Trump, Hillary, Black Lives Matter, and More

Roseanne Barr sits down with Dave Rubin to discuss her thoughts on the nation.  This interview is pre-election 2016.  Be forewarned, she drops a lot of F-bombs.  She discusses how the media tries to divide our country into fighting factions.  She states that she likes Hillary, but doesn't like her politics.  She states that she has black family members who have experienced racism. 

Enjoy the video!

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Did you know that Roseanne ran for President?  She feels socialism is the best system, and that capitalism is wrong.  Roseanne has been a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. But when you listen to her interview, she doesn't share all of his views.  She must like that he is bringing down the global cabal that has pillaged the American people for decades.  This interview was very enlightening.  

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