Here are some abbreviations that Q uses.  

This is not an all-inclusive list and you must read the abbreviations in context.
For example, if Q is discussing the Supreme Court, AS stands for Antoine Scalia. Q hints that he was murdered [187]. Q also suggests that the topic of discussion on the tarmac between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was that she would be offered the next Supreme Court Justice seat when (RBG) Ruth Bader Ginsberg stepped down.

If Q is talking about Hollywood (H-wood), or the “Standard Hotel,” or a helicopter crash, he is referring to Adam Schiff as AS.  He is a Democratic congressman that has been loudly pushing the Russia narrative against POTUS.  Q hints that human trafficking (child) may be taking place at the Standard Hotel.

@Jack - Jack Dorsey CEO of Twitter 
[187} - Murder /  Kill / Death
[F + D] - Foreign and Domestic
5:5 - Loud and Clear
Eyes in the Sky
- US, AUS, New Zealand, UK, Canada Intelligence Sharing
AFIA - Air Force Intelligence Agency
- Attorney General - Jeff Sessions
AIA - Army Intelligence Agency
AJ - Alex Jones
AM - Andrew McCabe
- Adam Schiff
AS - Antoine Scalia Supreme Court Justice that died under mysterious circumstances
AUS - Australia
- Pakistani IT Specialist that many Democrats allowed access to government servers
BC - Bill Clinton
BO - Bruce Orr or Board Owner (Board Owner controls the 8 Chan Q boards)
BP - Bill Priestap
CA - California
CF - Clinton Foundation
CHAI - Clinton Health Access Initiative
CHI - Clinton Health Initative
Clowns - CIA
CS - Chuck Schumer or Christopher Steele
D5 - United States Avalanche Rating Code: D5 is the largest snow avalanche known.
DB - Dana Boente
DIA - Defense Intelligence Agency
DM - Denis McDonough
-  Democratic National Committee
DWS -  Debbie Wasserman Shultz -  Previous head of DNC 
EC - Eric Ciaramella - CIA "whistleblower" against Donald Trump
-  Eric Holder
EITS - Eyes in The Sky
EO -  Executive Orders
ES - Eric Schmidt - Former CEO of Alphabet (Google) and founder of Crowdstrike
ESC - Electronic Security Command (U.S. Air Force)
ETA - Estimated TIme of Arrival
-  European Union
Evergreen - Hillary Clinton's Secret Service code name
FARM - "The Farm" is a nickname for Camp Peary which is a CIA training site.
-  Facebook
F+D - Foreign and Domestic
FF - False Flag
FVEY - Five Eyes which is US, AUS, New Zealand, UK, Canada Intelligence Sharing
-  First Lady of the United States
/GA/ - Great Awakening Board
GJ - Grand Jury
Gloria V - Gloria Vanderbilt
GOOG - Google
- George Soros
GT - George Toscas
GWB - George W Bush
GZ - Go Zone
HA - Huma Abedin
HK - Hong Kong
- Hillary Rodham Clinton
Hussein - Barak Obama
IG - Instagram or Inspector General
ITAC - Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (U.S. Army)
- Julian Assange
JB - John Brennan, James Baker, Joe Biden 
JC - James Comey, Jim Clapper, John Carlin
JK - John Kerry, Jared Kushner
JL - John Legend
JP - John Podesta
JR - Jim Rybicki
JS - John Solomon
Kansas - Mike Pompeo who is from Kansas
KC - Kevin Clinesmith
- A green frog meme
KM - Karen Mills
LARP - Live Action Role Play - This means someone is playing a role - Fake
LdR or LDR - Lynn de Rothschild
-  Loretta Lynch
LP - Lisa Page
-  Allyson Mack Hollywood star who was arrested for child trafficking and luring women into sex trade.
MAGA - Make America Great Again
Maggie - Maggie Haberman, New York Time reporter who the Clintons used to shape their narratives to public.
MB - Muslim Brotherhood
MI - Military Intelligence
MK - Mike Kortan
MLK - Martin Luther King
MM - Mary McCord
MO - Michelle Obama
-  Mother of All Bombs - Referring to information bombs
Mockingbird Media - Main Stream Media
MSM - Main Stream Media
MX - Mexico
MZ -  Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook
NK -  North Korea
NO - Nellie Orr
NOIC - Naval Operations Intelligence Center
No Name
- John McCain
No Such Agency - NSA
- Nancy Pelosi
NPIC - National Photo Interpretation Center (National Geospatial Agency)
NSA - National Security Agency
OS - Oversight
P - Pope or Payseur
PDB - Presidential Daily Briefing
Pickle - Another name for the CIA
- President of the United States
POV - Point of View
PP - Planned Parenthood
PS - Peter Strzok - Fired FBI Agent that tried to set up the Trump Campaign.
RC - Rachel (Ray) Chandler - Owns Midland Modeling Agency 
Red Sparrow - A missile
Renegade - Obama's Secret Service Code Name
RB - Rachel Brand
RE - Rahm Emanuel
- Ruth Bader Ginsberg
RM - Robbie Mook
-  Rod Rosenstein
RT -  Re-tweet
Rudy - Rudy Giuliani
RUS -  Russia
SA - Saudi Arabia
SC - Supreme Court
SC - Special Council
SH - Sean Hannity
SIG - Signal
SIS - Secret Intelligence Service - British Intelligence - Also known as MI6
SIT RM  - Situation Room
- Edward Snowden Worked for CIA, then NSA, and leaked to media that John Brennen was lying.  Obama's government was spying on everyone.
SP - Samantha Powers
SR - Seth Rich - DNC Voter Expansion Data Director who was murdered.
SRD - Special Research Detachment (U.S. Army)
SUM OF ALL FEARS - Strategy to defeat your enemies.  You do not directly fight your enemies.  You pit them against each other with false flags, and have them destroy each other.  Example US vs. Russia 
SY - Sally Yates
TG - Tashina Gauhar
TP - Tony Podesta
TT - Trump Tower  or Tarmac Tapes - Recording of discussion between Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton during their infamous meeting on the tarmac while HRC was under investigation. Q has hinted that LL was offered a seat on the Supreme Court in exchange for not filing charges against Hillary Clinton.
 - Uranium 1
UBL -  Osama bin Laden
UK - United Kingdom
- Valerie Jarrett
We don't say his name - John McCain
WW -  World Wide
WWG1WGA - Where We Go One We Go All

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