Was Donald Trump Recruited by Generals?

This is a video by Deception Bytes for those new to Q.  The video starts by reviewing findings by Dr. Jerome Corsi.  Corsi reports that he was told by generals that Donald Trump was recruited by them to run for President.  The Military was so disgusted by the treason taking place in the high levels of government, they were about to conduct a coup on the Obama Administration.  

When Trump agreed to run for President, the generals were willing to wait and remove the cabal through the election of Donald Trump.  They agreed to protect DJT and thwart the rigging of the voting booths planned by the Deep State. 

Enjoy the video!

The video also talks about the Rise of Hillary Clinton and the Murder of [187] of John Kennedy, Jr. who was planning to run in the New York senate race that Hillary won.  She also does a good job of explaining how the FBI framed Flynn.  It is a good summary of the beginning stages of the Trump presidency.

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