Clinton and Haiti

This is a video of Bernard Sansaricq, Former Haitian President of the Senate, speaking to Donald Trump at a campaign event.  Mr. Sansaricq testifies to his experiences with the Clintons.  He states back in the 90’s he sent a message to President Bill Clinton through Bill Richardson (former Governor of New Mexico).  He said a week later and anonymous messenger came and told Mr. Sansaricq that if he would sign up with Bill Clinton, he would be a rich man.  

Mr. Sansaricq refused because he was a Man of Principal.  The Clinton’s retaliated quickly by revoking his visa to the States.  Mr. Sansaricq pleads with President Trump to find justice for the people of Haiti.  He claims that the Clinton Foundation took in billions of dollars of which Haiti received about 2 percent.

Enjoy the video!

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It is important for this man’s voice to be heard.  Initially, he is hard to understand.  But after a minute, he can be heard more clearly.  His voice trembles with outrage at the treachery of the Clintons against the people of Haiti.

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