Is Stormy Daniels a Member of NIXVM Cult?

In this video Space Shot 76 briefly reviews the Rosatom connection to Uranium 1.  He then highlights an article by Neon Revolt.  If you look closely at Stormy Daniels tattoo, you can see the raised scars of the NIXVM brand on the left side of her pelvis.

Neon Revolt theorizes that Stormy actually is working with Trump to provide a media distraction while his team is cleaning house in the FBI and DOJ.  He also postulates that Stormy may have been the one to expose the pedophilia network in Hollywood.

Enjoy the video!

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Time will tell if Stormy is a white hat or a black hat.  Remember Q keeps telling us. "You are watching a movie."

Follow up: Here is an ARTVOICE article posted May 9, by Frank Parlato who is a NXIVM reporter.  He states that Stormy Daniels is Not branded NXIVM. 

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