Did FBI plant spies in Trump Campaign?

Many subjects are covered in this video.  Nunes is about to release information that the FBI planted spies in Trump campaign to dig up dirt and destroy his bid for president.  McMaster's father may have been murdered after he was removed from Trump's cabinet as retaliation for losing his influence with Trump.

Q Posted pictures of a hotel in Singapore that may be the location of the North Korea peace talks.  The hotel has 3 towers with a large ship sitting on top.  Anon's are wondering if this is the SKY EVENT. If this turns out accurate, it will be another Q-proof.  

Hillary Clinton is in New Zealand which is one of the 5 Eyes in the Sky.  They may be helping Clinton commit treason by spying on Trump Presidency and trying to undermine Trump Presidency.  New Zealand just donated another $ 5.5 million to the Clinton Foundation.  Why? 

Enjoy the video!

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Q drops that Facebook spies on its users 24/7/365 and stores the information on servers in China.  China has the ability to track all of its people's movements.  The last SpaceX Launch may have destroyed Facebook servers so they aborted Falcon 9 which was the next one.

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