Who is Q?                              

is an anonymous group of highly placed individuals (likely military and NSA) close to President Trump who are providing information and insight via the internet.  Q is bringing public awareness to the vast amounts of corruption in the government and the world.

You cannot fight an enemy that you do not know exists.  Q is showing us who our enemy really is.  Justice cannot be served, and arrests cannot be made until the public becomes aware of the enemy.  Once the public recognizes how we have been sold out and misled by leaders in both parties, they will be outraged and demand justice.  Q is trying to set the stage for justice while avoiding civil war.

Because the Main Stream Media (MSM) is so biased and corrupt, POTUS must go outside the normal channels to communicate with the American people.  The Main Stream Media covers up and does not report many global crimes.  They actually put out a lot of disinformation, which they know is false, to shape the narrative to the American Public.  

Why would Trump post his plans to the Public via Q? 

Information is Power.  Information is Money.   Information is Control.  In this modern age, information is the game.  The one who has the best information can make the best decisions and the most money.  The Facebook, Twitter, and Google business models are not what they appear.  They profit from the information they gather about you.  They make their money selling information about you to advertisers and others.  They control the information that you see.

Q is posting directly to the public to cut out the middleman.  Why?  Because if there is an intermediary between Q and the American Public, the intermediary has the power.  They get to shape the narrative.  They can emphasize the message they want, and minimize or hide what they do not want reported.  Sound familiar?  Main Stream Media? Q is taking the power from all media outlets and giving it back directly to the American people.  

Q is a threat to all media outlets.  If you Google "Who is Q?",  the top results will be articles that call Q a conspiracy.  As the awareness of Q increases, expect the media to attack Q and those who follow Q more and more.  Here is an example of the Main Stream Media warning you to not listen to anyone other than the MSM because it is Dangerous to our Democracy.

Q uses different ways to validate his legitimacy.  Here are some Q Proofs.

Where can I find Q?

Q posts on a discussion board called 8 Kun.  Q will never post on any other platform.  Q has chosen 8 Kun because it has not been co-opted by deep state actors.  Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all co-opted.  Many voices are being suppressed on those channels, so they are not a reliable avenue to reach the American Public.  

You can find Q posts directly through this website on the Q Posts tab, or other sites such as qmap.pub or qanon.pub.  Q asks questions and provides leads "crumbs" to follow so people will research and discover for themselves.  Q uses a lot of initials.  If you use the Q Posts tab on this website, you can use the Q abbreviations page for a list of common initials and meanings that Q uses.  As you start reading Q posts, you will easily be able to decipher the abbreviations. 

What does a Q post look like?

 Here is a picture of a Q post.  Q has re-posted this many times.  It is important to Q that people understand that the Q team only posts to 8 Kun.  There are no private communications.  No one has insider information.  If they say they do, they are lying.


How do I use this website to learn about Q?

The Big Picture is an outline that organizes Q posts by topic so that it is easier for those new to Q to understand the big picture.  It is a great place to start to gain an overall perspective.

Look at the Q Posts section to see the latest Q posts.  Q posts are ordered by date with the most recent post first.  To get some context, scroll down about 10 days and read posts from oldest to most recent.  If you do not understand the abbreviations, use the abbreviations link for a list of common abbreviations.  Please be patient and give the Q Post section 20 seconds or more to load.  It has a lot of information in it.

An easy way to understand the Q posts for each day is to click on the Q Updates tab.  Under this tab, you will find daily videos by citizen journalists reviewing Q posts and giving you their research and insight.  A brief explanation of the topic of the video will allow you to decide which videos you are interested in watching.  

The New Media tab takes you to a page of videos categorized by the journalist who produced the video.  It will introduce you to independent citizen journalists you may want to follow.  These journalists are not affiliated with this website.  Links are provided to give credit to the persons creating the videos and are not meant to suggest a connection between the journalist and this website.  This website attempts to choose journalists who provide facts and evidence for their findings.  They may reach different conclusions, but you are provided with the information about how they reached their conclusion.  This website avoids those that produce clickbait videos.

The Q Topics & News section is divided into topics that Q has directed us to research. Under The Map section, you can find links to current databases of CEO Resignations, Sealed Indictments, and Pedophile Arrests.

The Trump It section has videos about individual Trump family members.

If you are interested in receiving Q updates, please hit the subscribe button and updates will be sent to your inbox. 

This is a 10 minute video about the current corruption in the world; the plan to overcome it, and restore America.  Q is part of that plan.

This is a hour long video by Praying Medic that you can listen to while driving.  Dave gives a good history and overview of Q.


This is a 5 minute video that explains how to read and research Q posts.

This is a Q Proof from a June 20, 2018 Q Post.  President Trump is pointing out guy wearing Q shirt. He is validating Q.