Q Anon: This is not a game!

Craig at JustInformed Talk begins his video with a review of Q's earlier posts about the MSM and 4 am drops.  Q states that the MSM journalists are actually paid contractors that get their talking points at 4 am.  If you are new to Q and have not understood the 4 am narrative, you should watch this video to gain better understanding. 

Q asks Anons to research Richard Donoghue, and Craig reviews Donoghue's history. He deciphers Q's meaning of why political black hats are stating that they are considering future elected positions.

Enjoy the video!

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Q exposes that 2 NYPD officers who were killed in 2017 were actually assassinated for their knowledge of what was on Anthony Weiner's laptop.  Officer Familia is one of the officers.  You can tell by her pictures that she had an inner light.  Please keep her family in your prayers.  The family has a Go Fund Me account if you would like to contribute.

Craig also provides bonus information.  He shows how the military might be signaling that Edward Snowden is now a white hat.

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