Gimme Shelter

Praying Medic Q Post commentary for May 15-17, 2018.  Praying Medic covers multiple topics in this Q Post.  Q is pushing for an Internet Bill of Rights.  Facebook has disabled 1.3 billion accounts.  They are testing our will and ability to respond.  Previously Facebook denied censorship.  Now they are justifying it.  Just like Brennen initially denied spying on the Trump Campaign, but he is now justifying it.

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 Praying Medic discusses the Q post that states Q has been waiting for the people to wake up to what they already know.  He encourages people to research for themselves the truth.  There is not one trusted source of information.  You must look at multiple sources with discerning eyes.  We must become a well informed and educated public again to prevent tyranny in the future.

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