Q Anon: Mistake or on Purpose?

This is JustInformed Talks May 19, 2018 Q Anon update.   Craig discusses the Freedom Caucus letter to President Trump asking for his assistance in forcing the FBI and DOJ to release 2016 and 2017 documents to Congress.   Q once again exposed his password to the Patriots Fight board.  Was there a purpose to this?

Q has posted that the cabal thought the Executive Order was to be released on May 18, 2018.  He provides a countdown to June 11, 2018 for a release of a big news story.  Craig notes how the Washington Post, The Hill, and New York Times have gone into spin mode to justify why the FBI planted a spy in the Trump Campaign.

Enjoy the video!

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In the last part of the video, Craig discusses the Weiner indictment and how judges have been shuffled in preparation for the proceedings.  He notes that the Weiner defense team includes Arlo Devlin Brown who was a former prosecutor in the Southern District of New York, a very swampy district.

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