Five Dark Things about Pope's Audience Hall

The purpose of this video is to introduce you to the dark architecture of the Pope's Audience Hall at the Vatican.  This is a real building shaped like a snake.  If you pause the video at 1:14, you will notice the exterior is triangular shaped, like a snake's head.  

Located inside the building behind the Pope's chair is a huge statue called "The Resurrection."  If you pause the video at 1:26, the side view of Jesus's head has the appearance of a snake's head.  Pause at minute 1:43 where the video shows a close up of Pope Francis.  Look at the statue behind him.  Do you see the demon like faces in the metal?  What is being resurrected?

Enjoy the video!

The moderator of the video introduces themes of the Illuminati and concepts of non-human bloodlines.  That is outside the context of most of people's view point.  Please do not let that discount the information you have seen.  The Pope's Audience Hall is full of symbolism and it does not appear Christ like.

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