Legal Investigation of Obama's Birth Certificate

This is a documentary of Sheriff Joe Arpaio's press conference about his investigation into Barack Obama's Birth Certificate and Selective Service Registration Card. The evidence that both the birth certificate and selective service registration card are frauds is compelling.  Judge for yourself. 

Enjoy the video!

The main stream media has been very effective at shutting down any investigation into Barack Obama's background.  They call Sheriff Arpaio a "right-wing conspiracist".  This is actually a form of mind control or thought manipulation.  They want you to immediately discount the information, or not listen to the facts so you will not be labeled a conspiracist. They are very good at calling people names and creating labels for their enemies.  However, they have not provided evidence to refute the facts that Sheriff Arpaio's investigators have found.  

Why the secrecy of Barack Obama's background?  Why would he seal his college records and wait so long to produce a birth certificate?  He has caused the speculation by not being open and honest about his background.  If it turns out that he was not born in America, his presidency would be the greatest fraud perpetrated on the American Republic in our history, and he didn't do it alone. 

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