John Solomon Discusses Alexander Downer

Alexander Downer is an Australian diplomat deeply tied to the Clinton Foundation.  He arranged a $ 25 million-dollar transfer from Australia to the Clinton Foundation for their AIDS initiative.  He was one of the four Clinton sources the FBI used to justify spying on the Trump campaign.

Solomon also discusses the testimony of the Uranium 1 informant who testified that the Russians were openly mocking the Obama administration for allowing America to be stolen blind!  He completes his interview with discussion of the FBI investigation in Little Rock, Arkansas into the Clinton Foundation.  His interview is the first 30 minutes of the video.

Enjoy the video!

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In the final hour of the video, Charles Ortel explains how politicians in other countries such as Australian, France, and New Zealand skirt the laws of their respective countries and receive personal benefits by donating to the Clinton Foundation. The monies donated are from the taxpayers of their respective countries.  

The Clinton Foundation, Clinton Global Initiative, and Clinton Health Access Initiative were not set up correctly or operated within the law.  Donor's took huge tax write offs for donations, but the Clinton's did not report the revenue.  This is tax fraud and the taxpayers from the states of New York and California missed out on large sums of tax revenue.  Charles Ortel presents a slide show of facts.  He is very well versed on this subject.  

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