Mystery of Planes, Apple, and China Solved?

The first part of the DeceptionBytes video goes over the Trip Code change.  She then discusses Q posts regarding the multiple senior level FBI personnel that have been fired.  She displays a graph of how Obama, John Kerry and the Clintons are racing around the globe prior to or after Trump's visits with national leaders.  

The last half of the video starting about minute 47 packs the punch!  She shows posts by anons that seem to have good information.  For those of you short on time, see below for a copy of her most powerful screenshots, but you should really watch her video!

Enjoy the video!
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The two different screenshots below refer to two different subjects: 1) The US Strike of Syria and 2) Planes, Apple, and China. This intelligence was sent directly to DeceptionBytes.    

US Syrian Strike 

The first screenshot is regarding the potential reason the US bombed Syria recently.  It states that a private company, owned by Eric Schmidt, transported a bomb and accessories from our NATO base in Incirlik, Turkey to an underground bunker in Syria.

The April 30, 2018 Q Post suggests that some of the Uranium 1 material, sold to Russia, ended up in Syria.  Was the Deep State gathering components for a nuclear bomb?  If the US was attacked by Syria with a nuclear bomb containing Uranium supplied by Russia, who would be blamed?  Russia?  What would happen? WAR!  Sum of All Fears.

Planes, Apple, and China

The second screenshot below refers to Q's recent pictures of Apple, China, and Planes.  This anon speculates that Apple moved the Apple iCloud Servers to China, which gives China control of all significant Cloud Storage. 

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