Mysterious Death of Loretta Fuddy: The Truth Has Been In Front Of Us The Whole Time

Q has not posted since May 22, 2018, so Mishel at DeceptionBytes takes the opportunity to research the death of Loretta Fuddy.  Mrs. Fuddy was Director of the Department of Health in Hawaii who died in a "plane crash" after being subpoenaed to testify in court about the veracity of Barack Obama's birth certificate.  She died before testifying in court.  

Mishel takes the first 30 minutes to review an article by Linda Jordan which discusses the details surrounding the plane's crash (water landing), Fuddy's mysterious death, and the highly unusual autopsy report. 

Enjoy the video!

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Some of the details of the case are that Mrs. Fuddy was appointed the Director of the Department of Health only a few months before Obama's birth certificate was released, and that she received a $50,000 transfer into her bank account prior to the birth certificate release. She also was friends with Obama's mother Ann Soetoro, and belonged to the same Subud cult that originated in Indonesia founded by Javanese Muslim Muhammed Subuh.

At the end of the video, Mishel reviews video images taken during the "crash" and when the passengers were in the water.  Below are links to two articles that Mishel referenced and here is a DoUKnowQ link to the Legal Investigation of Obama's Birth Certificate.
Linda Jordan  
The American Thinker 

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