Q and POTUS Are Both Posting Jonathan Turley

In this episode of JustInformedTalk, Craig reviews the Jonathan Turley article in Breitbart that Q linked in his May 22, 2018 post.  Craig makes the point that Q quoted Jonathan Turley, and now President Trump has been quoting Jonathan Turley on Twitter.   Coincidence?

Turley reports that Sessions appointed U.S. Attorney John Huber to work with Inspector General Horowitz in November 2017.  Huber has a staff of 470 investigators which gives him much greater resources than any special counsel would have.  And as US attorney, Huber has the full authority to empanel a grand jury, seek indictments, and prosecute cases.  A special counsel can only make recommendations to indict.  

Enjoy the video!

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This is a brilliant move by Jeff Sessions.  John Huber started his investigation in November 2017 and is already 7 months ahead of any Second Special Counsel.  The final minutes of the video discuss the upcoming North Korean Summit and the dishonest media's reporting.

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