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Q has not posted since May 22, 2018.  Fake Q's or individuals that claim to have insider knowledge are emerging in his absence.  Now Wikileaks is questioning Q.  Wikileaks has a good reputation of not being wrong, but is Julian Assange in control of Wikileaks?  He has not had internet access in several weeks, so who is running Wikileaks?   Has Wikileaks been compromised by the clowns?

Mishel discusses a twitter post by a person with the handle of Swamp Drainer.  If Q is just a pysop, why would the enemy give us hope and tell us to fight?  Why would the enemy attack Q and followers, if Q was just a LARP?  Why go to all the trouble to deceive people about Q, and then destroy the delusion?  It doesn't make sense.

Enjoy the video!
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Time will tell if Q has been compromised.  But for those saying that Q was real and was a part of the President's team, but now is fake; they are not giving much credit to POTUS.  Do you think Q would allow usurper to post in his stead without any consequences?  The "original" Q team would just shrug their shoulders and walk away?  Does President Trump walk away from a fight?  

Stay strong Q Patriots!  Q told us that attacks would intensify from all directions.  This may be another proof that Q is not a LARP.   Where we go one, we go all!

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