"Alice in Wonderland" SECRETS

It is September 1, 2018.  Craig reviews the latest posts.  Q is re-dropping Alice in Wonderland crumbs.  Q posts an email where Hillary Clinton is being addressed as "Madame Alice".  The sender calls himself the "Hatter".  Q also posts pictures of adults dressed up as white rabbits.  Q asks - "Who are the White Rabbits?"

Big news on the Russia conspiracy coup front.  It appears that Loretta Lynch signed the first FISA application.  No FISA court hearings were held on Carter Page warrants.  Boom!  This will add to the calls for President Trump to de-classify the IG report.  It is all a matter of timing.   

Enjoy the video!

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It is my fear is that "white rabbits" refer to children who are subjected to abuse.  Just as "flowers" in a garden refer to children who can be deflowered.  These people are sick!  I pray that Q and the team will catch every last predator!

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