Trump Turned the Table on the Deep State

It's June 3, 2018 and Q just posted!  Here is a screen shot of his post!


No other information is available tonight, but anticipate a full Q update tomorrow!  Please enjoy this short 8 minute video.  It is currently relevant to investigation of the FBI spying on the Trump Campaign.

Dave Janda with Operation Freedom succinctly explains the Deep State's plan to destroy President Trump by using Dennis Montgomery to spy on Trump.  Montgomery created a platform called "The Hammer" to spy on Trump and other Americans. 

Spying on Trump didn't produce any negative material, so the CIA planted Stefan Halper into the campaign to "dirty up" Trump's advisory team, and provide political and legal cover for their clandestine operation.

Enjoy the video!

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This short video completely summarizes the mechanics of the attempted coup against President Trump, and then how Trump with IG Michael Horowitz turned the tables.  It is well worth eight minutes of your time.

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