A Week to Remember

This is an excellent video by Space Shot 76.  He begins with showing the image of an inverted gun from the June 3, 2018 Q Post.  Four booms are listed in that post.  He connects the booms to a tweet from Julian Assange which links to a MIA video. 

Mia is a musician who had a child by Ben Bronfman, the great-grandson of Seagram's empire Edgar Bronfman.  You may recognize the names of his aunts Clare and Sara Bronfman who are leaders in the NXIVM cult.  Her circle of influence also includes Twitter founders Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Valerie Jarrett.  

Space Shot 76 discusses the recent plane crash death of the East Hampton home builder Ben Krupinski.  He outlines his connections with familiar names.   

Enjoy the video!

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Finally, Mike displays a graphic of a Trump tweet side by side with Seth Rich information.  Trump has unusual capitalization in his tweet.  Is Trump tweeting "What happened to Seth Rich."  It is a very compelling graphic.

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