Critical Q related News and Yes, Its Yuge!

Jeff Sessions announces the appointment of 311 new prosecutors to the Department of Justice.  Starbuck's CEO is stepping down, and the first Inspector General's report is scheduled to be live streamed on June 11, 2018.  Familiar date?

Mishel at Deception Bytes discusses information she received from a helper anon regarding the deaths of Loretta Fuddy (think Obama's birth certificate) and Anonin Scalia.  She reviews the meaning of Trump's tweet regarding COVFEFE.

Enjoy the video!

Most of the focus of this video is on the recently discovered human trafficking camp in Arizona.  Veterans on Patrol (VOP) has discovered a hidden underground bunker with children's toys, hair dye, and restraints.  The land on which the bunker was found is owned by CEMEX.  CEMEX is an international cement company and is tied to the Clinton Foundation.  They are currently under investigation by the DOJ.

As We The People awaken, we are seeing more and more connections between government, businesses, and evil in the world. 

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