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Today is June 7, 2018. Q has not posted since June 3.  More information keeps trickling out about the Iran Nuclear Deal crafted by the Obama Administration.  This week, it was released that the Obama Treasury Department issued a license in that would have allowed Iran to covert $5.7 billion rials into dollars.  This is normally illegal, but the Obama Administration granted the banks a special license.  The banks refused to do the deal.

Lori compares today's headlines to previous Iran related Q posts dating back to November, 2017.  Q has told us Order is Important: 1) Saudi Arabia -done, 2) North Korea -In progress, 3) Iran, and then 4) Armenia.  It is likely the North Korean deal is already complete.  The June 12, 2018 North Korean Summit is just for show.  The Trump Administration is already moving on to Iran.    

Enjoy the video!
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Lori very organized and efficient with her (your) time.  She does a great job explaining the big picture and connecting it to what Q has been trying to tell us all along. This 30-minute video is packed with information.

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