Q Decode Teaser

 In this short video by Space Shot 76, he shares a picture from SerialBrain 2.  SB2 color codes Q's May 22, 2018 post.  Does this reveal another message?

Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain both died of suicide this week.  Space Shot 76 shows pictures from Andy Spade's Instagram page that suggests pedophilia.  Andy Spade is the husband of Kate Spade and the brother of the actor David Spade.  The Spades were married for 24 years.  Anthony Bourdain was a chef famous for eating gross things.  There is an episode of him in Thailand eating pig brain in a broth of raw pig's blood.  He was on CNN.

Enjoy the video!

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Space Shot 76 promises to do a follow-up video tonight.  This is apparently 1 of 6 videos planned by Mike to review SerialBrain2's decodes.  SerialBrain 2 is on Reddit.

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