G7 Summit Update

Dave, the Praying Medic, gives a recap of this week's news headlines (6-9-18).  He discusses the G7 Summit and Trump's strategy for North Korea and Iran.  At the G7 Summit press conference, Trump stated that Russia should be included in the group.  Was Trump sending a signal to Russia?  Is Russia the key to Iran?  Q told us North Korea, and then Iran.

Enjoy the video!

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One of the great things about Q for those who pray is that it gives us the ability to pray target focused prayers.  We can pray specifically in alignment with the President's agenda.  This is much more powerful than general prayers.  Dave makes a good point.  We need to be praying for all leaders.  At this time, we need to be focusing on prayers for Kim Jong-Un and North Korea, Vladimir Putin, and the people of Iran.  Prayers for their protection as well as prayers for Wisdom and Understanding.

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