Where are the Proofs?

Neon Revolt addresses those trying to discredit Q by creating expectations for events that do not occur.  Eye The Spy created the expectation that Julian Assange would be revealed on June 11, 2018.  This did not occur.   Q hints that -23 might be a military term and not a day countdown.  Neon Revolt provides research to possible military meanings of "Dash 23".

Q told us that Seth Rich would be back in the news cycle in June.  Seth Rich's brother has subpoenaed Twitter for communications of various accounts including Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.  Once it is revealed that Rich and Assange were communicating about the DNC leaks, the Russian narrative will fall apart.  Hillary and Wasserman-Schultz may now be co-conspirators in a murder case. 

Q has indicated that North Korea was controlled by the CIA.  Obama and other Deep State actors have attempted to sabotage the summit between Trump and Kim Jong-Un.  Neon Revolt discusses the black hat missile launch that may have occurred in Alaska.  Rod Rosenstein is definitely a deep state black hat and is fighting Congress to keep his secrets hidden.  He knows when the truth comes out, it will be devastating to him and the previous administration.

At the end of the article, Neon Revolt discusses the attacks that he has been encountering.  He has the expectation that Q is about to become well known.  He speculates the Days of Darkness (when Q was not posting) may have been used to upgrade the 8chan board.  Q may be preparing for the flood of people coming to the boards in the wake of some explosive event.  Get ready! 

I have linked Neon Revolt's article below.  Please scroll down below the banner to read his June 13, 2018 update.                                                                  

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