Dennis Rodman States that Obama Brushed Him Off About North Korea

Here is the CNN video with Chris Cuomo interviewing Dennis Rodman in North Korea.  Rodman states that Kim Jong-un asked him to reach out to Obama on his behalf.  He said Obama didn't give him the time of day and brushed him off.  Rodman gets emotional declaring that when he tried to intercede for North Korea, he received death threats when he went home.  "I couldn't even go home.  No one would hear me or see me.  I couldn't go out of my home for 30 days."

Rodman states that President Trump reached out to him, and thanked him for his role in developing a relationship with Kim Jong-un.  Rodman, wearing his red MAGA hat, crying about his treatment by Obama, and praising President Trump creates a powerful impression of the impact that President Trump is having on individuals and the world!

Enjoy the video!

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