Q Proof: US - North Korea Singapore Summit Video

Q has posted the phrase "Dark to Light" multiple times.  One of the most memorable "Dark to Light" posts was the June 3, 2018 post in the shape of an upside-down gun with four booms.  See below.

On June 12, 2018 Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un signed a document committing to four goals.  The Trump administration showed the following video to Kim Jong-un about a promise for the future.  At the 1:07 mark, the video uses the phrase "Out of the Darkness Can Come the Light."  (Dark to Light) An Anon made the connection between Q's Posts and the Trump Administration's crafting of four statements, and the video that was presented to Kim.  Remember Q told us what would happen, before it happened.  This proves that Q is working with Trump.  Below is the post by the Anon and Q's confirmation that the Anon's post was on target.


This is the video that Trump presented to Kim Jong-un.  It is an inspiring video with the message that North Korea can come out of the darkness into the light and into prosperity.  Kim Jong-un can break the cycle and doesn't have to be shackled by the past.  Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un can work together to change the world to benefit all people.

Enjoy the video!

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