Were Missiles Fired at POTUS? How Close Did We Come to Disaster?

Mishel discusses the probable missile attacks against Trump for the first 30 minutes of the video.  She shares information that she received from two different "helper anons" prior to the Singapore summit.  Q hints that the missiles came from a nuclear submarine.  He points us to an article that Chinese hackers stole Navy Program Submarine Program Data.  However, it is likely that the Deep State is using the hacked information - not China.

The IG report is due today, June 14, 2018.  Q links to two different Fox News reports about how Rod Rosenstein is trying to cover up the DOJ crimes of the previous administration.  Rosenstein threatened to subpoena records and emails of the investigating Congressmen in a closed door meeting.  He also criticized the Intelligence committee for sending their requests for information in writing.  Rosenstein is also accused of making false allegations against Congressional staffer Kashyap Patel by planting false stories in the media.  

Q indicates that the House of Representatives must make a move to force the President to declassify all information in the Inspector General's report.  The Deep State actors are relying on the information being hidden from the public.  The Deep State, via their propaganda arm mainstream media, wants to frame the argument that it is Republicans vs Democrats.  Typical strategy -attack the messenger to obfuscate the message.

The Democrats last chance of stopping Trump is winning the midterm elections.  Lee Stranahan has breaking news that he has proof that a Democratic Operative in the Obama Administration hacked state voting systems. 

Enjoy the video!

Q asks us to get ready for new arrivals with Q proofs ready.  He indicates that people will become aware of the Q boards.  This board in the coming months will be spread & discussed across ALL PLATFORMS. We need to be ready with good factual information so people are not turned off when researching Q and will become awakened to the reality of our world.  

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