Don't Despair Over IG Report -Q Told Us This Would Happen

Many of us hungering for justice are disappointed by the summary findings of the Inspector General's report.  Chris Wray's statement that there is no overall bias in the FBI is just maddening.  It is easy to get disheartened.  Mishel with Deception Bytes has that same reaction too.  But when you look back at what Q posted on June 13, he was warning us this would happen.  Mishel reviews the Q Posts.

What a coincidence!  The Assistant Attorney General of New York announces a lawsuit against the Trump Foundation on the day of the IG report.  The Trump Foundation donated over a 100% of its charity collections compared to Clinton Foundation that donated 2.9%.  Mishel highlights some of the findings in the body of the Inspector General's report.    

Enjoy the video!

It is easy to get discouraged.  It seems that there is no justice.  Hillary Clinton and friends gets by with the most egregious acts.  Deleting 33,000 emails?  Smashing the servers with a hammer?  IRS targeting conservatives? AG Holder running guns into Mexico?  The mainstream media sees nothing wrong with this.   

Think about what President Trump is up against!  At least 60% of Congress doesn't want him there.  He is fighting Democrats, Rino Republicans, and Never Trumpers.  It is amazing what he is accomplishing considering how the deck is stacked against him.  He is winning.  It is hard to see in the heat of the battle, but he will win this war and restore our Republic back to the American people.  Trust the Plan!   

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