Who Did Obama's College Roommate Become?

Craig at JustInformedTalk reviews June 15-16, 2018 Q posts.  He discusses the Inspector General's Report and encourages us to stay the course.  Q posted a picture of Google Headquarters and referenced a June 14, 2018 meeting.  

Craig discusses Q's post of Obama and his college roommate.  It appears Obama's roommate may have changed his identity to become the US Ambassador to India.  He shows compelling photographs of Ambassador Richard Rahul Verma.

Q connects the Awan IT scandal to Obama.  Why would the Obama administration give access to 42 individuals without any FBI background checks?  Was it to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to infiltrate our government and steal secrets?  Q suggests that Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google, helped Obama cabinet members set up private email accounts to conduct official government business in secret.

Enjoy the video!

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Finally, Q calls out the name of each reporter caught colluding with the DNC or Hillary campaign during the 2016 election and re-confirms dates that John Podesta and Huma were indicted. He is confident enough to announce on the world stage of 8 Chan that Huber is coming to execute justice.  The black hats are watching Q too.  They know it is coming.

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