Greg Hunter: The Establishment Stole $50 Trillion and Wants to Keep 

Q has been posting this morning, but there are not any videos available to review at this time.  The security of our nation boils down to economic security.  Over the last several decades, politicians have stolen from America making us weaker.  Our politicians have been bribed to pass laws that benefit globalist corporation and hurt individual Americans.  It is important to educate the public on how the politicians have stolen from us and how we can get our money back.  Please watch and share this interview with Catherine Austin Fitts.

Twenty-one trillion dollars has gone missing from the Department of Defense and HUD.  The globalists are stealing all of the assets (patents and information technology) from the American taxpayers and giving to private companies.  By moving the assets from the government to private companies, the globalist remove themselves from government oversight and accountability.  Catherine asks how many media companies, content providers, journalists, and congressmen can be bought with twenty-one trillion dollars?  All of them.

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Catherine explains how space is the new economy.  Whoever controls space will determine who is going to win on the ground.  She explains the dangers of the 5G network and the elimination of net neutrality.  It will allow a central authority to track and control every individual around the world.  We need to educate the American public on the dangers of this.  We still have a window to save ourselves.  Americans must become educated and go to town hall meeting and demand that our representatives pass laws that protect us against the looming dangers.

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