Q T-Shirt with Red, White, and Blue WWG1WGA

Spread The Message about Q 

Do your part to contribute to the Great Awakening.  Share direct links and Q videos with friends and family. 

Wearing a Q T-shirt is a great way to start a conversation.  When people ask you who is Q, it gives you an opportunity to tell them about Q Anon.  They asked!

There are many varieties of Q anon T-shirts out on the web.  Below is a link to a Cafe Press site that features Patriotic Q-T shirts in a variety of styles and colors.

Click on the picture of the message that you would like on your shirt. Another Q icon will appear. Choose Apparel or Mugs.  You will then see pictures of the logo on a variety of short sleeve T-shirts, long sleeve T-shirts and Tank Tops.

Cafe Press Q T-shirts

Q T-shirt with Stars and Stripes Trust the Plan

Hand Out Q Flyers

Here are some Q flyers that you could hand out at events.  Obviously people at Trump rallys should be very open to learning about Q. 

However, if we could open the eyes of the NPR audience it would be a shifting of the tide.  People who listen to NPR are looking for information outside of Mainstream Media.  They tend to be liberal, but usually can be swayed with facts and logic.  Present them with facts and proofs.  Start with the basics and avoid sensationalized information.

You are welcome to download and use these flyers as long as you do not modify the material. 


We Stand with Q Flyer 

Trusting the Plan Flyer