Father's Day Q Proof

Q has asked us to get the proofs ready and he is making it easy.  Today is Father's Day and Q has set up a proof to demonstrate that he is working closely with Trump. Q posts "Happy Father's Day" with nothing else in the post.  Seven minutes later, Donald Trump tweets "Happy Father's Day".  Later Q confirms his proof when he posts again.  "[7] Delta today" "Word for word."  This means there is an intentional 7-minute time difference between the Q post and Trump tweet.  Here is the graphic an Anon put together.  The pink boxes are the Q posts and the black box is Trump's tweet.

Anon's Graphic of a Q Proof

Q later confirms that the Anon was correct with his graphic by re-posting it.  The top line in the gray graphic with the Q identifier !CbboFOtcZs shows that it is Q posting.  The lined box within the Q post is where Q has copied the Anonymous poster's graphic.

Q Re-Posts Graphic


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