The Vanderbilts, Symbolism, and Child Sacrifice

Q posted a charming picture of Gloria Vanderbilt reading to her sons (Anderson Cooper is one) on a pink and white Holly Hobbie quilt with a monsterous Tanit "art piece" overhead.  Tanit is a Phoenician goddess that requires human sacrifice and child prostitution.  In Neon Revolt's August 16th update, he delves into the Vanderbilts.  He discusses the heart wrenching paintings of horrified children in waiting.  This "art work" is part of the Podesta's collection.  Q tells us to look into "red shoes".  In pedophilia circles, red shoes are associated with child sacrifice.  

Neon Revolt's article is embedded below.  Please continue scrolling down below his header to read the article. The information about the Vanderbilts is toward the end of the article.  He has good close up shots of the pictures Q posted.

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