June 17 Q Review of Obama and Friends

Neon Revolt discusses June 16-17, 2018 Q posts with updated information.  He speculates that Eric Schmidt may have flipped on the 13 Angry Democrats (which include RINO republicans).  He links Paul Manafort to Tony Podesta and "The Bridge."  Manafort was a planted into the Trump administration.  

Q has often told us to "Watch the Water".  Lately Trump, Pence, and Netanyahu have been using water to signal messages to someone.  Who could it be? Neon Revolt speculates as to what those messages might mean.  

Everyone is attempting to track down Obama's college roommate.  Neon Revolt demonstrates how the picture has been doctored.  He also speculates that the reason the FBI didn't do background checks on 42 members of Obama's administration is that ALL OF THEM DO NOT EXIST!!  They are fake identities!  Including Obama which explains why his records are sealed and why he and Michelle both were caught using fake social security numbers to buy homes in Chicago. 

 Neon Revolt provides a digital analysis of the picture of Obama wearing a Satanic Headdress next to RINO Artur Davis. 

He issues a powerful warning that transgenderism is a psyop designed to turn little American boys into sexual playthings to be used and abused by grown men.  

Neon Revolt's article is embedded below.  Please continue scrolling down below his header page of a fighting angel to read the article.  


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