Q Proofs                              

Q Proofs demonstrate the coordination between the Q team and President Trump.  They are put together by various Anons.  Q will post information that will be confirmed later by President Trump in a tweet or public announcement.  Pay attention to the time stamps on the Q posts which show foreknowledge of what the President will tweet or announce.

Q Predicts Release Date of IG Report Two Years in Advance

IG Report Link Points to Q

White House Christmas Q

Yovanovitch Ordered Spying

Kim Jong-un Refused Obama's Calls


Compilation of Q Proofs by Praying Medic

Trump Points Out Q Follower at Rally

Father's Day Q Proof

Dark to Light

Home at Castle

Air Force One Pictures in November 2017 and May 2018

White House in "Tippy Top Shape"

Q Fire Truck at Joint Base Andrews

Two Proofs in One Praying Medic Video

Q Anon's School of Law

Why Q?

What is the Purpose of Q?  This is not a Q Proof, but a deeper explanation of why Trump is using Q to communicate to the public.  He is giving people time to get the facts.  Justice is coming slowly, but surely.

Imperator Rex's Thoughts on Q  Imperator Rex is an influential voice on Twitter.  He recently came out with his thoughts on Q, and what Q's purpose might be.

Q - The Plan to Save The World  This video also explains the purpose of Q. 

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