Q Anon: Full Moon Coming

Craig at JustInformed Talk discusses how Obama and others use coded messages in public speeches.  He shows a graphic that demonstrates some of the codes.  Peter Strzok is about to testify before Congress.  He will not ask for immunity or invoke the 5th Amendment.  Q has told us in the past that Peter Strzok is a cooperating witness.

Ezra Cohen-Watnick was pushed out of White House by McMaster but was hired by Jeff Sessions as an advisor on national security at Trump's insistence.   Craig attempts to decipher Q's post about Morning sun bringing heat, but Q posts later that the 1542 Q post was not meant for Anons.

Enjoy the video!

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Craig's video after the 24-minute marker is about his upcoming website.  Many Q commentators are starting websites where they can post their videos without fear of You Tube censoring.  The link to support his channel is listed above for your convenience.

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