Q Posts for June 17-18

It's starting. Mocking Q is about to go mainstream.  Saturday Night Live performed a skit where a crazy football player, suffering from a head injury, alluded to Q with "Every kiss begins with Q".  Q tells us to check into the background of Snopes.  They are developing an algorithm to refute Q as conspiracy.

SpaceShot 76 reviews all of the Q posts from June 17-18, 2018.  Democrats are projecting the crimes of the Clinton Foundation onto the Trump Foundation.  Q Posts about Ezra Cohen-Watnick who was fired by H. R. McMasters after he prepared a report for Trump about how Obama holdovers and Deep State were attempting to remove Trump.  Jeff Sessions re-hired him to work for the Department of Justice.

One of SpaceShot's followers posted that Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is the "particular Senator" who asked Wray in Congressional testimony if POTUS had two Iphones.  One to tweet and one to talk to Kim Jong-un.  How would Democratic Senator Durbin this?




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Finally, Q completely spells out to anons that a second special counsel is not needed or wanted.  Huber is the most powerful way to prosecute bad actors.  He was hired by Obama which improves political optics.  He has 470 investigators who work for him and he is already 7 months into his investigation.  A special counsel would delay justice until after the mid-term elections.  Most importantly, Huber has the power to empanel a grand jury outside of Washington DC where Hillary won over 90% of the vote.

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