Will Rosenstein and Wray Be Part of Clean Up Crew or Cover-up Crew?

Comments by Devin Nunes: "Mr. Rosenstein and Mr. Wray must decide if they are going to be part of the clean up crew or the cover up crew." Nunes states that if his oversight committee does not get the requested documents for the DOJ by Wednesday morning (6/20/18) they are ready to impeach Rod Rosenstein.

Bruce reviews a graphic that an anon posted.  It proves that Q was telling us the IG report would be redacted prior to its release.  Trump was tweeting about this on June 5.  Q posted about this on June 13, 2014.  Then on June 14, 2018 Horowitz was sent a letter by Congressional members asking for all drafts of the IG report to be provided to address concerns that the report had been modified.

Enjoy the video!

Support: Bruce Figert

Bruce finishes his video discussing the fake Obama Bilderberg video.  It is important to only promote truth and not be fooled by others attempting to discredit Q.

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