Horowitz Admits IG Report was Altered

Devin Nunes tweets Grab the Popcorn!  Mishel reviews the article John P Carlin: The Deep State's Wizard Behind the Curtain in the Russian Dossier Fiasco It explains the mystery J _ C to whom Q referred.  John P Carlin was Assistant AG over National Security and Bob Mueller's chief of staff and senior counsel. He apparently played a big role in the Russian Dossier.

Carlin falsified the FISA warrant application by naming Carter Page as a Russian Spy in order to plant him into the Trump Campaign.  He knew Page was an American who worked for the FBI.  This justified the wiretap on President Trump during his campaign and into his presidency. 

Q posts: Free Iran!  Fight, Fight, Fight.  Large protests are occurring in Iran. Mishel shows a tweet from M Hanif Jazayeri: Instead of chanting "Death to America," Iranian protesters are chanting "Our incompetent Government is responsible for our nation's poverty.  Our enemy is right here.  They're lying when they say it's America". 

Q posts a close-up picture of Trump's eye, ear, and temple.  He provides a Q proof from the White House.  Peter Strzok has been fired, and walked out of the FBI.  Neon Nettle reports that FBI Agent, David Raynor, and his wife were found dead one day before he was set to testify about Clinton and Obama corruption in Operation Fast and Furious.

Paul Sperry reported that IG Horowitz confirmed that there was an original draft of his 568 report that was redlined by DOJ/FBI higher-ups.  FBI officials also "edited" agents 302 summary reports. 

Enjoy the video!

I was very angry and sickened by the death of David Raynor so I looked more into his death.  I found that CBS news and Fox news called it a murder-suicide. Here is a screenshot of a CBS story.

CBS does not mention that he was scheduled to testify before a court about Fast & Furious.  An article by yournewswire.com states that he was scheduled to testify and also ties his death to the murder of FBI Detective Sean Suiter.  Suiter was gunned down last November one day before he could testify against the Obama Administration.  

It is very difficult to discern truth.  The main stream media is no longer a trusted source.  I cannot verify that Agent Raynor was scheduled to testify, but I certainly don't believe CBS's article which stated his death was not related to any FBI case.  If you search for murdered FBI agents, you will find many more than just Detectives Raynor and Suiter.  It is becoming apparent that multiple lives have been lost in this covert war of crime and cover up.  THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK!

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