Q Confirmations Adding Up!

Bernie makes a concise video of June 20, 2018 Q posts.  Devin Nunes is giving the DOJ until the end of the week to comply with subpoenas, or he will proceed with impeachment proceedings against Rod Rosenstein. 

Q tells us a false flag attack was prevented.  Sheila Jackson, Congresswoman from Texas, is shown wearing a ring with a pedophile symbol.  Q has told us that the FBI changed the 302 Forms.  Muller used FBI testimony from the 302 Forms to charge General Flynn with lying.  We have known this for months, but it is now finally coming out for the public.

Enjoy the video!
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It appears President Trump is changing tactics.  He is becoming bold in his proofs of Q.  At a Trump rally in Minnesota, Trump pointed to a guy wearing a Q T-shirt.  Q told us to prepare for new eyes and prepare for attacks.  It looks like the awakening is coming upon us!  Get Ready!

POTUS Pointing to Q Follower


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