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A false flag has been prevented.  Trump signs order to end family separation.  SpaceShot shows a close up of Sheila Jackson's ring and compares it to the FBI's graphic for pedophilia symbols.  Q asks us if we are awake?  He encourages us the stand and fight together.  Attacks will intensify but we need to stay together.  Collectively we are a massive threat. 

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Q tells us that organized riots are being planned.  Censorship is being applied to scale down the impact and reach of Q.  If you search "Who is Q", articles stating that Q is as crazy right-wing conspiracy will appear in the top results.  We must bypass the censorship by sharing direct links with friends.  Don't just tell them to research Q.  This gives Google a chance to create doubt.  Tell them to go directly to or other trusted sources.  If not, you may lose a red-pill opportunity. 

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